Our Lightest line of collision

Stainless steel always
shines, always strong

We've engineered our guards so the combination of contoured stainless steel and mounting brackets give you the best protection. The flex in stainless steel helps minimize the force applied to the guard's weekest point when impacts occurs.

Affordable Protection

With three grille guards to choose from you can rest assured you will get the best product to match your budget. *

Up to 4.8x savings over the other protection options. *Prices may vary depending on make and model of your truck.

Easy to operate

Heavy gauge steel brackets lock quickly and easily into tow receivers.

Max 30 minutes install. Faster than replacing the factory bumper.

No rattle latch. Our hinge and latching system strikes the perfect balance between convenience and security. You can expect a long rattle-free life.

Maintenance Free Steel Hinges.

Available for these great trucks

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Over-sized tubes for
a perfect fit!

Guards are tailor made for each truck model for added protection and a custom look.

Heavy steel brackets lock quickly and easily into tow receivers for a perfect fit.

Universal C.a.s compatible

All of our guards are engineered to work with the most major collision avoidance systems.

It's what's inside that

Reinforced box & tube interface.

The box and gusseted are together for extra strength.

Our engineered boxes make use of superior geometry, which provides enhanced durability in collisions.

    "I've already hit 2 deer Inside 20,000 miles... definitely an outstanding product. - MATT K."