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Can I buy direct from the factory?

HERD has a network of authorized dealers and distributors across North America to address your specific needs and match them to the appropriate HERD product. We'll make sure you get the product you're looking for!  

Where can I get your bumpers? / Who is my closest dealer?

Contact HERD by email, phone or web chat and we'll help you find the closest authorized dealer. There's a HERD dealer in most major centers in North America. Toll-Free: 888-543-4373. Email: sales@HERD.com WebChat - click here.

How do I become a dealer?

We are always interested in partnering with progressive resellers. To determine your suitability and the opportunities in your trading area, please complete the form available here: http://HERDdealers.com/dealer-application/

How much do they cost?

HERD offers a full range of products, from stainless steel bumper guards and grill guard (which mount over the factory bumper) to aluminum full bumper replacements. Pricing will depend on the model and options you select. Contact your authorized HERD dealer for pricing on the protection you're looking for.

How much is freight?

The cost of freight will vary depending on where you would like your new HERD shipped to. Contact your authorized HERD dealer for a freight price quote.

Can I pick up my HERD at the factory?

Of course! Arrangements should be made at the time of order.

Do you offer financing?

Financing may be available through 3rd party leasing companies, or through your dealer. For program specific details, please call your authorized HERD dealer. 

Do you have a protection guard to fit MY truck? What else do you make?

We probably do! From stainless steel bumper guards and grill guard (which mount over the factory bumper) to aluminum full bumper replacements. Designed for most semi trucks and pickup trucks, and are available for virtually every older and new vehicle used for commercial purposes.

Do you have a picture of the bumper I want on my model of truck?

Visit our gallery: www.HERD.com/gallery or our "Match Truck to Protection" page: www.HERD.com/matchtrucktoprotection

Will I be able to tow with my HERD installed?

HERD's front end protection products all come with a towing provision, however, we do not recommend recovery towing. Please contact our customer service team for more info. 1-888-543-4373.

How do I open my hood?

The HERD bumper tilts forward to provide full access to your engine compartment.  With HERD's SLAM LATCH, it's as simple and easy as one click of a handle. Get yours with HERD LIFT ASSIST for the strongest and lightest front end protection on the market.

Is the bumper hard to open and close?

With HERD's SLAM LATCH, it's as simple and easy as one click of a handle. Get yours with HERD LIFT ASSIST which reduces the lift weight by as much as 75% for the strongest and lightest front end protection on the market.

What is Slam Latch?

Slam Latch is an optional bumper release that allows you to raise or lower your HERD bumper as quickly and easily as you would a tailgate on a pick up or SUV.

Ground clearance - how low is a HERD to the ground?

We have a wide range of products and models available and can help you choose the model and options that are right for your truck and the conditions you drive in.

Can I customize it? What are my available options?

Our Truck Gaurd protection products are highly configurable. From lighting to tube sizes and latching systems, you have many options! Check out our complete product range on our "BUMPERS" tab. or contact one of our product experts Toll-Free: 888-543-4373. Email: sales@HERD.com or WebChat - click here.

How does it attach to the truck?

HERD's aluminum product line consists of two main components; a heavy duty steel bracket that bolts directly to the frame of the truck, and the aluminum front end protection guard that hinges from the HERD bracket. HERD's Grill Guards mount overtop of the factory bumper using the truck's tow receivers and steel sub mounts. HERD's Bumper Guards mount directly into the tow receivers and can be installed within minutes.

Can I have it installed at the factory?

If you are located in, or travel to the Winnipeg area, factory installation is an option. This service needs to be booked in advance. Please have your dealer make the arrangements with us when you order your HERD product.

How long does it take to install?

For HERD aluminum products, we recommend that you have your HERD bumper installed by an authorized HERD dealer. A typical installation takes from 2-4 hours, but can vary depending on the model and age of the vehicle and lighting options selected. HERD Bumper Guards can be installed within minutes. We recommend speaking directly with the dealership that will be completing the installation for an accurate quote.

Can I install it myself?

There are no special tools required for an average installation, but we recommend the assistance of a friend. If you are installing a protection product that involves lighting, we advise that a certified technician perform any electrical work.

Can I retain my factory bumper driving lights?

HERD does offer optional bumper cutouts with mounting provisions for your factory driving lights on many models. Please call us or your local dealer for specific details. Driving lights do not come into play when installing a HERD Grill Guard or Bumper Guard. 

Can I mount auxiliary / aftermarket lights?

Aftermarket driving light mounting provisions are available on almost all HERD’s Original Series and in most cases, standard. HERD also offers an optional light bar for for mounting multiple auxillary lights. Call your Dealer or our Customer Service Department for more details.

How much do your bumpers weigh?

Installed weight of a HERD aluminum products for pickup trucks are approximately 140 pounds and for Class 8 trucks start at around 265 pounds intalled. The weight varies depending on the model of HERD you choose. Remember you're taking off the factory bumper in these cases, so the final weight is the difference betwen the factory bumper and your new HERD. HERD Grill Guards average weight is 225 and HERD Bumper Guards are around 75 pounds.

What materials are they made of?

All HERD aluminum bumpers are made of high strength, high quality aircraft grade aluminum. Aluminum provides the strength required for protection, while being approximately 1/3 the weight of steel. The mounting bracket is made of structural steel. HERD Grill Guards and Bumper Guards are made from polished 304 Stainless Steel.

Is my HERD repairable?

Yes, depending on the severity of the damage. Most components are available for order as replacement parts for repairs. Repairs should only be performed by professional aluminum fabricators / welders. 

What do you recommend for maintaining the factory shine?

The best way to keep your HERD Aluminum product's factory mirror-like shine is to periodically polish your bumper with a quality automotive aluminum polish.

Can you paint it to match my truck?

HERD does not currently offer any painting, color matching. The aluminum can be professionally painted by your preferred paint or body shop. 

Do you offer powder coating?

HERD does not currently offer powder coating. We can however ship your bumper prepped for powder coating to your preferred provider. Contact us Toll-Free: 888-543-4373. Email: sales@HERD.com or WebChat - click here.

Will your bumpers affect the engine cooling or fuel mileage?

Any after-market modifications (including a HERD bumper) can affect various aspects of a stock configuration, including fuel efficiency, cooling, etc. All HERD products are designed to maximize airflow for cooling, and to minimize aerodynamic drag.

Is there a collision guarantee? Do your products work?

Adding a HERD guard to the front of your truck will provide additional protection beyond the factory configuration. However, because of the different nature of impacts and collisions, we can't specifically guarantee against damage for all types of collisions. Please read through our "TESTIMONIALS" page of the website to see what our customers have to say, or talk to any HERD user.

What is covered in the warranty?

HERD's warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a 12 month period. If you would like a copy of our written warranty document, download here.

How does Lift Assist work?

It's a simple (patent-pending) solution! As you lower your HERD, the springs are "loaded" and ready to help lift your bar back into the upright position. Lift weight on a HERD can be as little as 13 pounds! Download product sheet. Watch the video: www.HERD.com/liftassist

What are Impact Plates?

Impact plates are steel plates integrated with the mounting bracket on HERD's aluminum products. These brackets provide additional support toward the outsides of the bumper. Without impact plates, any bumper is susceptivle to folding in on the outside in the event of an off-center impact. This feature is EXCLUSIVE to Herd.

What is the material thickness of the Bumper Channel?

Defender: 10mm ± 0.41mm
Aero: 12mm ± 0.41mm
Texas: 10mm ± 0.35mm

AeroLT: 8.0mm ± 0.406mm

AeroPLUS: 7.9375mm or 5/16in

What is the material thickness of the Tubes on Legacy Products?

2.5in Tube: 5mm thickness
3in Tube: 4.7625mm or 3/16in thickness
4in Tube: 6.35mm or 1/4in thickness

What is the material thickness of the Stainless Steel Tubes? (eg. FL33GG or PK21G3)

2.75in Tube: 1.65mm thickness
3.5in Tube: 2.11mm thickness