How to Become a HERD Dealer

If you’ve had customers requesting HERD or just love our product and want to represent us in your area, this is how you can become an authorized dealer.

First we’ll need to know if you are an OEM dealer or a company specializing in after-market parts.

OEM dealers are typically approved fairly quickly as you already represent a major truck manufacturer and are selling new trucks. HERD is a natural fit! We’ll need a completed Credit Application form to validate mailing and shipping address and to confirm your Tax ID. Once these items are checked off, we can create your account and begin filling orders for your dealership!

If your can you buy xanax over the counter in canada xanax for sale online then company is something other than an OEM dealership, the process varies slightly beginning with a few short questions to help us understand your business a little better and how we might work together.

Some of the questions our Account Representative will review with you include:

  • How long you’ve been in business?
  • Why are you considering selling HERD products?
  • Do you sell to local customers in a retail setting or online? Both?
  • How many HERD products do you think you would sell per year?

Once the questionnaire is completed, we’ll send a Credit Application for you to complete.

Your answers to the questionnaire along with your application will then be processed and the Account Rep you spoke with will provide an answer to you within 7 – 10 days.


If you are looking to become a dealer TODAY click here to apply and we will be in touch!


I want to be a dealer!

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