How It's Made: AeroPLUS



Our tubes are brought to HERD in 20 foot extrusions and cut to size. They are then sent to be polished using an angle sander and later put through a polishing machine for finishing.



Boxes are made out of aluminum and are outsourced to get laser cut to size.  When they are returned to us, we attach caps for the top and bottom of the box by welding them together. The caps themselves are made on a flatbed laser and then put through a brake press.  A manual angle grinder is used next to remove excess weld and then finished by a sand-and-polish robot.



The AeroPLUS channels start off as a flat sheet of aluminum. The shape is cut out along with returns and gussets by our laser.  All of the components are taken to the brake press to be shaped which ultimately allows us to have the bumper fit properly on each style of truck. Next everything is tack welded and then MIG welded together and the bumper starts to take shape. This is when the first inspection takes place. If everything passes quality inspection, the channel is sent for grinding, sanding and polishing.



Brackets start out from a steel sheet and are also laser cut. Parts that need to be bent go to the brake press to be shaped. Parts are then arranged on welding jigs and fixtures to aide in assembly. There they are MIG welded and then inspected thoroughly. After inspection, the brackets are painted and wait in Final Assembly until the aluminum bumper catches up.



Boxes, Channel, and Tubes meet in topping where they are welded together. Everything is assembled by hand using tape measures and squares and marked where tack weld is needed. Then they are MIG welded. From here there will be soot on the weld so it will go for an acid wash and will be polished and buffed. Bumpers will be inspected and then washed again.  After this it’s off to final assembly to be paired with its specific bracket, and have Slam Latch and Lift Assist installed – options which come standard on each AeroPLUS and make it the easiest guard to operate on the market. The bumper will then be set on a pallet for yet another inspection and is then ready to be packaged and shipped!



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